Custom Colors

Custom Colors

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The DAC V and similar transports are all availible in Matte White and Matte Black. This includes both the standard EURO and custom 4th Generation Heatsink. All other colors or color combinations are available but may take an extra one to three weeks to produce and will include a single custom color charge of $ per box.

The Analog DAC is offered from stock in both Matte White and Matte Black. All other colors are available for the same custom charge per box.

MSB has always been committed to customer service, and recognize that many systems are carefully color matched. The MSB DAC V Package has a lot of flexibility in the look produced. Combinations of color and style give a wide range of stunning finishes. You may pick any color combination or even send a sample for color matching. Because custom colors represent a very small production lot and require a great amount of individual attention, we must add this extra charge per box to the retail price. There are two black finishes, matte Black and Piano Black. Only the matte Black is a stock color.

The Euro Heatsinks are a fully machined heatsink with improved component attachment for greater reliability and performance. They are included in the DAC V line of products. The traditional DAC IV type open heatsinks can be added to any MSB product at no additinal charge. They are stocked in matte Black. They can also be special ordered in any color.

Above you can select any combination of some popular colors to see what the product will look like or you can specify your own. Sorry that this color selector is based on the DAC IV line. Eventually we should be able to update it, but you should get the idea. Below are a few custom boxes produced to date. You can pick or choice any color or combination that will best match your decor. Special colors are best specified by sending us a color sample. Please allow an extra 3 weeks for delivery of custom colors.

MSB Offers Two Blacks

Piano Black (formerly Satin Black)

Matte Black (new Stock Color)

Here are some popular combinations: (click to see above)

Candy Cane

All Matte White

All Black



Here is our new Pearl White with real Gold trim only available in SELECT products so far.

Here is our STOCK Diamond DAC V in Matte Black

Here are some examples of other custom colors:

All Piano Black with Gold (Stock mattee black heat sinks, Piano Black top and front and Gold Knobs and buttons)

All matte White with matte Black Heat Sinks (Oreo)

All matte White with White Heat Sinks and Chrome Knobs and buttons

Piano Black with matte Black Heat Sinks

All Champagne with Gold Knob, buttons and Feet)

Copper Heat Sinks on matte White or Piano Black

How about all RED? Wow!

Piano Black S201 with custom red heat sinks

M203 with Stock matte black heat sinks (No Charge)

M203 with Stock matte white heat sinks and Matte Black Cover (No Charge)

M203 with Champagne Anodizing