Asia and Oceania Sales Support

Asia and Oceania Sales Support



Audio Fidelity was established in 2012 in order to showcase audio products from three manufacturers: Melbourne-based SGR Audio; MSB Technology from California; and Brinkmann Audio from Germany. They are the exclusive Australian representatives for these fine products. Each was carefully selected because they fit with their own ideals regarding audio reproduction.

Audio Fidelity's mission is quite simple; assemble playback systems which reproduce stereo and multichannel audio with the highest possible fidelity. They have strong working relationships with a range of specialist manufacturers who share this goal and display a commitment to engineering excellence, reliability, and customer service.

Audio Fidelity's head office is in Melbourne, with multiple sales & demo locations spread across Australia. They offer a one year product warranty and do upgrades & repairs in-house.

To contact Audio Fidelity, call ph: 1300 FIDELITY


Pacific Audio

Pacific Audio has been distributing MSB products in China and Hong Kong for many years.

MSB works very closely with Pacific Audio in bringing quality products and services to China with first class customer service.

To contact Andrew, call +852 2947.7119


AudioVision India

AudioVision is a first-rate shop with great sound and great customer service. Contact them for a personal audition of MSB's best systems.

To contact Burge, call +91 22 66005000 / 22004040



GLV is new with MSB. Contact them for a personal audition of MSB's best systems.

To contact Mr. Kim, call +82 10 5388 5614

New Zealand

Kuro Kuma Audio

Kuro Kuma Audio - by Hi-Fi Enthusiasts for Music Lovers.
We aim to bring the products and brands carefully selected around the world to present the emotional reproductions of great music for the listening pleasure to the music lovers in New Zealand.

To contact Arthur King, call +64 (9) 88 99 135


Axiss Corporation

Axiss is a well established and well respected distributor of fine high-end brands such as Wilson, FM Acoustics and Transparent. We are pleased to see them introducing MSB to Japan with an unprecidented committment to service.

They have a comprehensive dealer network and full in-house support.

To contact Axiss, call 03-5410-0071


X Audio

X Audio has a great store on the west side of Singapore. Contact them for an in-store or a personal demonstration in your home.

To contact Swee, call 64662642

Singapore, The Adelphi

Audio 88

Audio 88 has a great shop in the Adelphi. Contact them for an in-store or a personal demonstration in your home.

To contact Brandon, call (65) 6333 5515


Sound Ray

Sound Ray has many years experience with high-end and will assure your MSB system is set up right and will offer you exceptional support. Sound Ray also has a special condition to sell in China under the auspices of Pacific Audio.

To contact Lee-Ming, call +886 286 42 42 69

Contact MSB directly for the latest on product availibility or support in other countries.