How to Find your MSB Product

How to Find your MSB Product

For Sales Support:

MSB works very closely with distributors and dealers to support the customer. It is our goal to provide them with the best possible experience with MSB products.

We travel the world and really get involved with each market. We attend shows, interview with the press, do seminars, but our favorite thing to do is to spend time with actual customers, and demonstrate our latest products. We like to hear their systems, see what kind of music they are listening to and learn what they hear and see when experiencing MSB's unique sound. It helps keep me in touch with what real customers care about, rather than worrying about the latest trend in the market.

If you are a dealer or customer and have a question or interest in MSB, please click on the appropriate map on the right and contact your distributor.

If you are a distributor and have a question or interest in MSB, please let us hear from you.

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