North America Sales Support

North America Sales Support

MSB is pleased to introduce Vince Galbo, our US Sales Manager. He is responsible for setting up dealers and promoting our products. If you are interested in hearing an MSB product, contact Vince and he will connect you with a local dealer.

Vince has been an audiophile since 1975 and has spent much of that time increasing his knowledge about how sound quality and technology relate. He has an extensive background in practical mechanics and electronics. He has installed many audiophile two channel systems and large home theaters with an eye toward audiophile performance. He has experience in sales in multiple fields most recently in audio product distribution. He believes that the most important component in a system is the source and has joined MSB to promote and build sales of all MSB products.

To find a US Dealer, contact Vince at 716-688-3527
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Vince and the Magic Zone

For some time Vince, our national sales manager has been talking about a level of realism achieved with the SELECT DAC II that was quite astonishing. He called it the magic zone. I have been constantly amazed at the SELECT and the realism and presence of the music, but I did not know if we were talking about the same thing. I came to the 2016 Newport Show to help him set up and hear the "magic zone" for myself.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and had the room set up by dinner time. We had the SELECT II with Femto 33 clock, and two power bases, driven by the MSB Universal Media Transport V with a dual power base. Our new M204 mono block AMPs - shown for the first time - were driving our YG Sonja speakers. The M204 offers substantially higher system resolution. We left the system running and came back Thursday morning to dial in the sound.

Well, within a few minutes I felt we had great sound, but Vince was just not happy. The sound was amazing which I was used to from the DAC but he insisted he had not hit the magic zone was totally unhappy. We changed power cords, plugged into one side of the room, the other side of the room, etc, etc. Finally in despair he noticed that the Dual Power Base for the UMT had one upgraded Diamond power cable and the other was the stock cable, and the Diamond cable was on the basic operations supply, not the sensitive audio supply. A quick change and we were in the zone.

I can only describe the zone as a level of realism I have not heard before or thought possible. Once in the zone, now we reworked all the other tweaks, moving power and adjusting the speaker location. Now we bounced in and out of the zone as we tried various small changes. Amazing how responsive it is!

So it is not imagination, it is a real case where the source, power and EVERYTHING is correct and the SELECT can take us to a new place, and amazing place. Check out the MSB room at the show this weekend if you can. You will discover a new benchmark, a new place to strive for.

I have traveled the world with my SELECT and had great results in systems of every kind, but this was very special, like nothing I have heard before. Now that I have heard it, I will have to redouble my efforts to always require a excellent source, amazing AMPs and clean power. If you own a SELECT, and like me, have been very happy, even crazy about the sound, then just be glad but know that there is more locked away in those favorite CDs. Carry on the quest and go for the magic zone!


Here are some customer and dealer systems and comments:

I have been a music lover since a small child, whether it was listening to Casey Kasem Top 40 countdown on a small radio, hearing the Beatles on 8 track in the family station wagon, and eventually starting to learn and play guitar in bands.

I went from a standard BIC record player to cassette players, CD players, and then CD/SACD players. I had my home theater phase for many years as well. Several years back I finally decided to invest in a nice, quality system, dedicated to stereo, to listen to and enjoy, separate and distinct from the home theater system.

This journey lead to a very nice system that included a tube pre amp, tube amps, and a reconditioned Garrad 401 turntable. I was content. But the bug bit again, I had collected hundred and hundred of CDs and SACDs over the years, many of which were either no longer available on vinyl or had never been pressed into vinyl. In addition the convenience of one's entire music collection available from the click of an iPad was too compelling to ignore.

I started with what I had on hand, a Mac Mini and a Apogee Duet, the sound was serviceable but nothing to make me want to give up spinning my vinyl. Over the next two years I auditioned many DACs, with and without tubes, with or without DSD support, some with external power supplies, but all with USB outputs. Some were actually quite good, but just not quite good enough for me to make a serious investment. I followed the dedicated online audio forums, I read reviews, I spoke to friends. And then one day I decided to take advantage of an offer to try the relatively new MSB Analog DAC.

Long story short, I played a lot of music during that trial period, DSD files, high resolution files and your standard redbook quality. What I heard was a level of detail, depth, and air that I had not heard in any of the other DACs, but above all else it was musical. That quality that engages the listener and just makes you want to sit back, relax and play some tunes. Those very same qualities that I find so engaging while playing vinyl. The Analog DAC has been a fixture now in my system for well over a year now. While I have experimented with different music players, difference computers, and different amps, the Analog DAC is a constant, I feel no need to upgrade nor find myself lusting over other DACs, because I know what I have is what I need.

So thank you MSB for making this wonderful DAC, I listen to so much more music these days then I did when I had a CD player, or even when I listened to just vinyl. I hear things I had not heard previously and above all else, it sounds wonderful.

Barr P., California

Well, since adding the Analogue DAC and Powerbase to my system, I haven't used the Ayon 1sc CD player. Actually, I used it once when the DAC was in the shop, and I am still considering running the CD player through the DAC. I've had a number of good CD players, including the Esoteric SA 50 and the Cary 306 Pro. Of them all, I preferred the Cary, but of them all, I prefer the Analogue DAC. Even the best tubed CD players seem harsh to my ear after listening to the Analog DAC. The DAC's resolution, timing, and liquidity impress me every time I begin to listen to music through it. Really, every time. Then it all disappears into the music. The Aurender S10 and the Analogue DAC pair well. I have boxes of CDs that I'm copying to my server, and I regularly buy DSD and FLAC files from a number of sites. A year ago, you would never have convinced me that I'd be out of CD players or would throw in the towel on LPs and into a server with a DAC. The MSB Analogue changed the game for me. Listening to an acoustic instrument playing along with tracks running through the MSB has convinced even the most skeptical friend.

It's all true. Anthony P, Pennsylvania

My system is based on Allnic tube amplification, using two Allnic A6000 300B SET Mono-blocks, an Allnic L3000 Line-stage, and an Allnic H1500 phono stage.
The record player is a Nottingham Space Deck with MatchingAce Space Arm and a Lyra Helicon Cartridge.
The CD player is a Leema Antilla II, the SACD player is an Oppo 105, and the DAC is the MSB Analogue DAC being fed from both the Leema transport and a Macbook Pro (using Amarra).
The speakers are Ambience Reference 1800 hybrids, with 6 foot ribbons for tweeters and two SEA 6 inch drivers as woofers, crossing over at approximately 400 cycles.
All interconnects are Chord Sarum and Nordost Tyr cables, the speaker cables are also Chord Sarum cables, and power conditioning is done by a Richard Grey Substation (240 to 120 volt transformer), two Richard Grey inductors and an Ayre power conditioner.
All power cords are Moray James cords.

Barry R, Calgary Canada

What a weekend! The MSB stack is up, running, and sounding quite astonishing. It is "fool you real" on good recordings. That is what my wife said last night while listening to the system for the first time! I spoke to Vince Saturday and got final confirmation on the settings for the Diamond DAC. Attached is a picture of the MSB stack in their permanent home. On the right is a 23" Samsung monitor with HDMI input that I bought to watch music videos on blu-ray and DVD. It also comes in extremely handy when configuring the UMT Plus. I am going to store the monitor and the wireless dongle in the closet in my music room and take them out when I want to listen to the audio from a DVD or blu-ray. I must say that the user manual with the UMT Plus is excellent. Very helpful when going through the UMT Plus configuration options and there are many. As far as the Diamond DAC is concerned, I'm listening with up-sampling off and F1 - filter. I'm writing this while listening to the SACD "Back to Back" of Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges. The system is magical tonight. I cant wait for all of you to hear the results in our music room. Have a look at the picture. The color scheme, and fit and finish of the MSB products are drop dead gorgeous.
10 months later
I currently have about 115 jazz and rock SACDs. The best sound to date on my system that I have heard is when I place an SACD in the transport and play it. The convenience of having one's library ripped to computer is well known and the MSB USB input on the Diamond DAC is the best sounding computer source for "red book" and hi-res files that I have tried.
Ralph R, Texas