MSB Technology Corporation was founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1989. We are located in the coast of Northern California right on Monterey Bay in a beautiful and exotic bamboo grove. The company includes two principle activities. Our main business is as a high-end audio component manufacturer. A range of products are marketed under the MSB name. On the other hand, we do contract research and product development, creating new high-tech products for clients around the world. We have designed products for many of the leading audio and home theater companies.

Our company is comprised of full time staff members and a network of world-class technical experts who participate in MSB as required on a project basis. We are one of the few audio companies who do our own design in-house and in the USA.

With a legacy of designing and manufacturing high-end CD players and D/A converters spanning more than twenty years, MSB continues to exhibit leadership in audio technology. MSB has many firsts to our credit including:

  • demonstrated first AC-3 output for LaserDisc to Dolby
  • designed and built first THX approved LaserDisc Player (LJR II)
  • first out board AC-3 demodulator
  • first digital output on a DSS receiver
  • first out board DTS processor (Millennium 2.4.6)
  • first mass marketed 24 bit 96K DAC (LINK DAC)
  • first discrete sign magnitude ladder DAC (Platinum DAC)
  • first discrete asynchronous upsampler (Platinum Plus)
  • first 80 bit DSP based digital filter (Platinum DAC III)

MSB Technology is a world-class multimedia company, dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas to market. MSB Technology: The legacy continues.

For the past 20 years MSB Technology's mission has been to bring incredible sonic value to our customers. To achieve this goal we keep our sales and advertising costs under 1% of sales. The result is that when you buy an MSB product, you are getting all product, not product and glossy full page ads. You, our satisfied customers are our only marketing. 
Thank you for spreading the word.

Larry S. Gullman, General Manager

Systems using MSB products at CES

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