Original Founders Mark (left) and Larry (right)

PS1 DAC with cover off - unique package!

First Platinum CD Player and Volume Control (early 90s)
World's first THX approved Laser Disc Player (Runco LJR II 1995)
First Platinum DAC and Transport (1997)
World's first AC-3 Demodulator (Lexicon LDD-1 1998)
World's first out board DTS processor (Millennium 2.4.6 1997)
World's first 24 bit 96K DAC (LINK DAC 1998)
World's first digital iPod based server (iLink 2006)
World's first 32 bit, 384 kHz transport (Data CD IV 2010)
World's first audio clock with Jitter under 1 psec (77 Femtosecond Galaxy Clock - 2011)
MSB Technology Corporation was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1989. Three CD players were featured in an article on the front page of the business section of the San Jose Mercury News in 1989. MSB has produced DACs, transports and CD players ever since. The company now includes two principle activities. Our main business is as a high-end audio component manufacturer. A range of products are marketed under the MSB name. On the other hand, we do contract research and product development, creating new high-tech products for clients around the world. We have designed products for many of the leading audio and home theater companies.
We are located in Northern California
right along the middle of Monterey Bay.

Our company is comprised of full time engineering staff members. We are one of the few audio companies who do our own design and programming in-house and in the California. We also manufacture our own chassis and circuit boards in-house. Stop by for a factory tour.

With a legacy of designing and manufacturing high-end CD players and D/A converters spanning more than thirty years, MSB continues to exhibit leadership in audio technology. MSB has many firsts to our credit including:
  • Demonstrated first AC-3 output for LaserDisc to Dolby 1994
  • First THX approved LaserDisc Player (Runco LJR II 1995)
  • First out board AC-3 demodulator (Lexicon LDD-1 1995)
  • First out board DTS processor (Millennium 2.4.6 1997)
  • First digital output on a DSS receiver (1997)
  • First mass marketed 24 bit 96K DAC (LINK DAC 1998)
  • First discrete sign-magnitude 384 kHz Ladder DAC (Platinum DAC 2000)
  • First discrete asynchronous upsampler (Platinum Plus 192 kHz Upsampler 2001)
  • First 80 bit DSP based digital filter (16X Filter 2005)
  • First iPod based digital music server (iLink 2006)
  • First 384 kHz inputs and upsampling (DAC III 2009)
  • First 32 bit interface (Xport 2009)
  • First 384 kHz Bit Perfect USB input (Signature USB on DAC IV 2010)
  • First CD transport that could play data files up to 32 bit, 384 kHz (Data CD IV 2010)
  • First clock with Jitter under 1 psec (77 Femtosecond Galaxy Clock - 2011, 33 Femtosecond Clock - 2015)
  • First DAC to exceed the 24 bit theoretical limits (SELECT DAC - 2014, 149 dB dynamic range, SELECT II DAC - 2015, 173 dB dynamic range = 28.5 effective bits)
MSB Technology is a world-class multimedia company, dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas to market. MSB Technology: The legacy continues.

For 30 years MSB Technology's mission has been to bring incredible sonic value to our customers. To achieve this goal we keep our sales and advertising costs under 1% of sales. The result is that when you buy an MSB product, you are getting all product, not product and glossy full page ads. You, our satisfied customers are our only marketing. 
Thank you for spreading the word.

Larry S. Gullman,
General Manager

Resume of Larry S. Gullman

(1985) M.S. in Engineering Management, DREXEL UNIVERSITY
(1979) B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, LeTOURNEAU UNIVERSITY
Honors: Magna Cum Laude
MSB Technology Corporation
1987 - present
General Manager, Aptos, CA

The Bear Group, (Kumihira Safe Company, Japan)
Director of Engineering, Foster City, CA

SRI International, (formerly Stanford Research Institute)
(Known as the inventors of SIRI)
1987 - 1991
Program Manager and Senior Research Engineer, Advanced Technology Division, Menlo Park, CA

RCA Laboratories, David Sarnoff Research Center
(Known for such inventions as MPEG encoding, the LED, the LCD and Color TV)
1984 - 1987
Member Technical Staff, Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, Princeton, NJ

RCA Corporation, VideoDisc Division
1982 - 1984
Applied Research Engineer, Mechanical and Optical Systems Engineering, Indianapolis, IN

RCA Corporation, Video Component and Display Division
1979 - 1982
Project Engineer, Advanced Development Manufacturing Technology, Lancaster, PA
  • Many US Patents issued.
  • Many Technical Reports Published and Papers Given.
  • Licensed Professional Engineer.
TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS (other than audio)
  • Cable Assembly - Designed and built a machine to assemble 2000 strands of 46 gauge magnet wire to make high-end audio cables.
  • Biometric Products - development of fingerprint, token and signature verification technologies.
  • Computer Hard Drives - development of advanced bearings and hard drive technology.
  • Robotic Inspection - invented and patented technology for advanced autonomous robots to inspect inside gas pipelines.
  • Electronic Packaging - Developed advanced chip packaging and interconnect technology including multi-chip modules, flip-chip and direct die attach.
  • High-Temperature Superconductors - Joined the rush to develop new applications for high-temperature superconductors.
  • Primary technical responsibility for the conceptional design of a flexible automated PCB assembly facility for the Navy.
  • Conceptional design of a mixed model television assembly plant, including equipment definition and financial modeling.
  • Comprehensive study and justification for the automation of electron gun fabrication.
  • Diffraction Spectrometer - developed and implemented for 100% measurement of audio carrier depth on production videodiscs.
  • CCD Video Camera - developed a portable thermoelectrically cooled camera for on-line picture tube phosphor inspection.
  • Capacitive Gaging - developed stock thickness measurement gage for computer control of a precision metal forming process.
  • Panel Measurement system - development of patented system for manipulation of picture tube panel for measurement of matrix line widths.
  • Micro TIG Welder - produced production systems for welding 1 mil stainless cathodes.
  • Wedge Bonder - modified for .5 mil gold wire bonding to piezoelectric device.
  • Flat Tension Mask Picture Tube - project responsibility for the development of a viable FTM concept, verified through modeling and prototype tubes.
  • Yoke Adhesive - Development of a fast cure urethane for bonding yokes following automated CAM/YAM.
  • Working Plate Register - improved artwork and registration techniques for shadow mask production.
  • Outsert and Molded PCB's - exploration of alternative PCB technologies and their impact on cost and manufacturability.
  • Integrally Molded Snaps - replacement of hardware with snaps, including evaluation of UL and shock requirements.
  • Thermal Analysis - Extensive modeling of heat dissipation in a diamond videodisc cutterhead. High density electronics cooling analysis, and packaging design.
  • Simulation - Financial modeling of production options, optimization and process modeling.
  • Transient and Shock Analysis - Characterization and analysis of transients relating to metal stamping, weld acoustic emissions and glass fracture. Shock analysis related to design standards for product packaging and handling.
  • Finite Element Analysis - Applications relating to metal forming, thermal stress in urethane and surface stress in glass.