2014 MSB Audio Room

MSB demonstration room is finished and set up with a Diamond DAC V system. It is located at our factory in Santa Cruz County, California.

2014 TOKYO

MSB room with our Distributor using Wilson speakers. Every MSB talk had standing room only!

2013 CES

MSB room using YG speakers. We mostly played CDs on the Data CD using the Analog DAC and M203 Amplifiers.

MSB/SGR room featured the joint MSB/SGR Music Cube server, Diamond DAC IV and SGR speakers.

MSB supplied a full Diamond DAC system and M203 Monoblock Amplifiers to Morel to showcase their flagship speakers.

Absolare room using Rockport speakers and MSB Diamond DAC and Signature Data CD Transport. Voted best sounding room by Robert Harley of Absolute Sound.

Voce room using MSB M200 Amplifiers, MSB Analog DAC and Data CD Transport.

2012 Brazil Hi-End Show

MSB shown with YG and ASR in Sao Paulo.

2012 Munich Hi-End Show

MSB introduced our new Analog DAC at the Munich show. The S200 was also used in the room.

MSB Diamond DAC IV in the Absolare room.

Mr. Nishi of Digital Domain is an MSB OEM customer.

Thrax is another OEM customer showing their new DAC in a private Hotel Suite.

MSB Diamond DAC IV in the ASR / YG Acoustics Room.

Analog DAC demonstration in the Marten Showroom

Analog DAC introduction in Moscow.

Seminar at a dealer in St. Petersburg.

Following the Munich show, MSB introduced the Analog DAC in Poland (shown), Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain.

2012 CES

The 2012 CES featured the Diamond DAC IV with Femtosecond Clock, the Signature Data CD and the new S200 Amplifier with YG speakers. MSB products could be found in many other rooms at CES and THE SHOW.

2011 Guangzhou Hi-End Show

The 2011 Guangzhou High End show in November was a big event. Here is the Pacific Audio Team.

James, a well respected reviewer from Hong Kong gave demonstrations during the show.


Mr. Tan presented MSB very well with a first class room design. MSB won an award for DAC and Player of the year.

We did a special 2 hour seminar on digital to analog conversion.


We covered issues like jitter, digital filtering, USB and high-res music.

2011 Australia Hi-End Show

The first audio show in Australia in over 15 years was held in Melbourne in October 2011. MSB demonstrated the new Femtosecond Galaxy Clock in a Diamond DAC.

The SGR team distributes MSB in Australia. Belinda on left does the SGR website, Stuart, center, heads the effort and Harry, right provides sales.

2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

MSB's room at the 2011 RMAF in Denver introduced the new Femtosecond Galaxy Clock and for the first time full iPad control of all DAC and Transport functions. The moderately priced Silverline Audio Monitors revealed the source detail surprisingly well.

2011 Taiwan Hi-End Show

MSB showed at the July 2011 HiFi show in Taiwan for the first time with our new distributor, SoundRay. High Fidelity Audio gave the MSB room the best 5 star rating. The only other room with 5 stars was an MSB OEM customer!

2011 California Audio Show

MSB showed at the July 2011 show in San Francisco. We showed with Vivid speakers.

2011 Munich Hi-End Show

MSB made our Debut at the 2011 Munich show with product in 6 rooms, several of which have been acclaimed as the best sounding in the show.

MSB with our OEM DAC for Audio NEC a French system producer with unique planar speakers.
Image Hifi published: 'Again in 2011 'Best Sound of The Show' for AudioNec with the 'Answer' speakers. What this system accomplishes is pure magic and a perfect acoustic illusion!'
My HiEND Taiwan:'AudioNec Answer speakers impressed last year and did so again this year. Also at higher volume these impressive speakers have amazing voices, very deep and uncolored bass and beautifully detailed highs. Definitely one of the best sounding systems on the show.'

WBS is the MSB distributor in Germany. Here they showed a complete MSB system with Diamond DAC 4, Data CD and M202 amps. THe system played practically the whole show in spite of the other lines carried by WBS. Werner told me that this show is about good sound, so it is OK to play MSB instead of the others. I did not mind!

Another shot of the WBS room at Munich 2011.

MSB in the Musique Concrete room. This is a new company with a very nice sounding horn.

The MSB system was presented very nicely.

MSB with SW Speakers at Munich 2011

MSB with Thrax at Munich 2011

MSB with Aries Cerat at Munich 2011

2011 Shanghai Hi-End Show

MSB participated with Pacific Audio at the 2011 Shanghai Show.

2011 CES in Las Vegas

MSB's room at the 2011 CES, introducing the S200 Stereo Amp and the Universal Media Transport.

We demonstrated the same music played from a MAC MINI via USB up to 384 kHz, from CD or DVD data up to 384 kHz x 32 bit, from the iPod, from a USB memory stick, from SACD and DVD Audio, from external Hard drive and from our new network streamer. Wow!

MSB system in Volent's room.

MSB in the CAT room. Our smooth digital front end blended well with this premier tube equipment.

MSB in the Synergistic room with some heavy hitting speakers. We were also in several more rooms, not pictured.

MSB's product at the show in Bonn, Germany in November 2010. Product shown with the editor-in-chief of Stereo Magazine.

MSB's room at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, in Denver, introducing two new high resolution sources.

At RMAF we played 384 kHz music from a laptop controlled by an iPad via USB and from our DATA CD IV transport.

MSB's room at the 2010 CES, introducing the DAC IV line.

MSB's room at the 2009 CES, doing A/B comparisons between the DAC III with Signature DACs and the new Diamond DAC upgrade.

MSB's DAC III with Signature DAC upgrade in the Rockport, Blue Smoke room lead Robert Harley to place the room as one of just four "Best Sound" in his Best of CES 2009 report, saying:
"I was completely blown away by the Rockport Aquila loudspeaker ($45,000) driven by Ypsilon PST-100 preamp and SET-100 amplifiers from Greece and fed from an MSB Technology DAC III. The source was an interesting new music server from Blue Smoke called the "Black Box" (see below). Cabling was all Transparent (Reference MM2) and the racks were supplied by Harmonic Resolution Systems. The midrange had a resolution, palpability, and immediacy that bordered on the spooky, and the treble was extraordinary quick and clean. The system completely disappeared, which is no small feat in a hotel room."

MSB's DAC III with new 32x filter upgrade in the Volent room at CES 09.

MSB's CD III transport and DAC III with new 32x filter upgrade in the Coincidence room at CES 09.

MSB's CD III transport and DAC III with new 32x filter upgrade in the Analysis Plus room at CES 09.

MSB's CD III transport and DAC III with new 32x filter upgrade in the Tara Labs room at CES 09.

MSB at the London Show

MSB's Award winning room at the 2008 London HiFi Show. Shown with UK distributor Tony Cox.

MSB uses the iLink and Power DAC

MSB at the 2008 CES Show

MSB shows with TAD at the 2007 Stereophile Show

MSB at the NY Stereophile Show

MSB at the Consumer Electronics Show
January, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Official MSB Technology room in 2007: A new Hotel and Room. 

A multichannel Platinum System. 

The iLink and Power DAC as a source. 

The Official MSB Technology room in 2006: Alexis Park room 1560. 

New speakers at CES 2006

Another new speaker at CES 2006

The Official MSB Technology room in 2004

The updated look of the Platinum Line, Elegant MSB BLUE!

From another angle...

Glacier Audio with the Atma-Sphere Amp and Preamp, and Gillmore Audio Speakers

Again the Glacier Audio (big) Room

Another Glacier Audio Small Room.  Seen here are both the MSB Reference CD 
Station II and the MSB DVD Player.

Meadow Song Labs used the MSB Platinum Amplifiers in conjunction with the visible tube amplifiers
in a Bi-Amped configuration!

The Plinius room used a Platinum Reference CD Station I that has been upgraded with the recently
available Generation II DAC modules.

Caddies requesting permission to play in the Plinius room....

The Innersound room

EAR USA used the Platinum Reference CD Station II  in their 2nd room.

David Blair of The Custom Power Cable Co.  Used the Platinum CD Station II in two
 rooms this year... One...

Room two of the Custom Power Cord Co. 

A close up of the 2nd David Blair room shows custom user installed upgrades... this is also a
MSB Signature model.  The Signature player does not come with the Dots.

This is the Harbeth room, using Plinius Amplifiers and our Reference CD Station II at T.H.E. Show.


Now, an image of our system featuring the Reference CD Station II at the 2003 CES show in Las Vegas. This systems displays our philosophy that simple is better.  The complete system consists of the Platinum Reference CD Station II, MSB M200 amplifiers and Speakers from Lumen White.

CES 2000 saw the first Platinum Link introduced.