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MSB Network


The MSB Network

A high-bandwidth low jitter proprietary interface for audio and video


The MSB Network is a high bandwidth, low jitter, multi-channel, digital interface, which is ideally suited for today’s high-speed audio and video transmission needs. The network currently supports both DVD-Audio and SACD in their full resolution native formats. The CAT-5 cables are readily available and of proven reliability.  

License Terms

  This proven technology is availible on a per connection license fee.

MSB Network Specifications

I2S Data Inputs:
88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192 kHz

32 Bit Resolution

14 Channel PCM
plus 6 Channel DSD

Inherent Jitter Reduction

Attractive Physical Layer:
Category 5 Cable
RJ45 Connectors
80 - 120 foot range

HD Digital Video Optional

295 mbps data rate per twisted pair

3.3V Power Supply

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