OEM Embedded DAC IV

This DAC IV motherboard is compact and the complete heart of a super high-end DAC product. It has provision for a range of digital inputs and balanced analog outputs. The display header can be connected to the OEM display below or your own display design. All you need to add is well regulated power.

This board can accept any of the MSB DAC modules - Platinum, Signature or Diamond. Two modules or 4 can be used depending on budget and performance required. The micro detects which modules are installed and load the correct firmware, so customer upgrades of the DACs is easy.

OEM Display Board

This display board works very much like the DAC IV, with 4 navigation buttons, a dial for selection and a power button. Alternatively custom controls can be easily programmed and variations in layout accomplished.

Display, Analog Output and mute lines.

The buttons and display all talk to a micro and may be assigned at will. Both R and L outputs are separated into 2 outputs from the two DAC modules. They can be inverted and non-inverted for a true balanced output or can be summed for a higher quality single ended output. Alternatively they can be tasked as a high and low output if a 2 way digital cross-over is implemented in firmware.

The normal DAC outputs are automatically muted but if the unbuffered outputs are used they must be muted. J4 and J5 provide a mute output with MUTE high.

Digital I/O

This flexible header is already set up for the following digital inputs: 1 AES (balanced low level), 2 optical (Logic level of 3.3V or 5V), 5 SPDIF (low-level signal 75ohm terminated. Typically 250mV), and 2 I2S inputs (Must be 3.3V logic level). The I2S are convenient for MSB Network inputs.



This header provides an external RS-232 interface. It can handle the normal range of levels and runs at 9600 baud with no RTS or CTS.


This DAC expects relatively clean regulated power.(+/- 5%) The digital supply should be as isolated as possible from the analog supplies. Analog supplies should be +/- 24 VDC. Additionally a clean +12V is required for sensitive clock circuits and a +12V digital supply.

OEM DAC Specifications

2) I2S

4 outputs
3.6V RMS (10V pp)

Output Impedance:
50 ohms at 0 dB

Sampling Frequency:
384 kHz on all inputs

Bit Depth:
24 bit on S/PDIF
32 bit on I2S

Digital Filter:
32x Digital Filter by MSB Technology

depends on DAC modules

up to 32 bit x 384 kHz

2 way implemented with firmware.

Heat sink must be provided on end
Diamond modules also require heat sinks

Master Clock:
+/- 2.5 ppm jitter

Control Features:
SPI port - J31
Firmware Updatable
RS-232 port - J35


SolidWorks 3D and 2D drawings, a STEP file, and 2D and 3D PDF