OEM Products

OEM Products

MSB does OEM work of all kinds, from complete products to custom boards or just consulting. Below are some standard modules that might be usable or close to your requirements. (Some are a bit dated but give you an idea of the kinds of things we do). If you do not see what you need, we have a great range of already developed designs we can use to make something just right for your application.

There are several great advantages working with a company like MSB. We have over 25 years of experience making products and boards for a range of audio and home theater companies. We have proven designs and can promise predictable results. We are not learning on your investment, so products are delivered on time and working as planned. Another great advantage is that in a few years when you are ready to do an update, we will still be around and can do the update easily and cost effectively.

Let us help you with your next project. We can get you better sonics for your investment dollar than you would expect. We also do our own machining in-house and understand the requirements of our industry. We would be happy to quote on your next product.

MSB DAC and CD Player Modules


The MP-ACD512 is an ultra high performance 24 bit direct conversion audio DAC that provides unparalleled performance. The four-quadrant DAC architecture ensures the best possible performance for small and large signals without averaging (like a Delta-sigma data converter.) A fast conversion rate, low noise and distortion at all signal levels delivers the finest digital audio possible with a minimum of external components. How DACs Work! A simple but accurate explanation.


The MP-ACD311 is an ultra high performance 24 bit direct conversion audio DAC that outperforms the MP-ACD512. It offers even higher precision.

MSB Digital Filter and clock Upgrade Kit

This board provides the new DSP based digital filter and clock manager modules for superior sound quality. They both measure and clearly sound better than the Burr Brown digital filter used in all previous generations of Platinum DACs.     product details

MSB Complete OEM DAC Board

This board provides a complete single board solution with MSB discrete ladder DACs, MSB digital filter, four digital inputs and both single-ended and balanced outputs. Just supply power. It also provides a clock link, with a low jitter clock input or output. This is a very cost effective module which can be easily installed in a computer server, transport or surround processor that will provide unprecedented sound quality.     product details

MSB USB 2.0 Input Module

High performance USB input module.  Sample rates up to 384 kHz with complete ground isolation.  Plug and play with MAC computers. MSB Driver needed with PCs. Both receive audio files bit perfect. product details

MSB Femtosecond Clocks

World's lowest jitter audio clocks. Measured jitter from 33 to 140 femtoseconds (.033 tp .140 picoseconds) Suitable for high end DAC or ADC applications.  product details

MSB Signature Drive

High quality CD drive with metal drawer.  Suitable for CD player or Computer Music Server.  product details

OEM Embedded DAC IV Board

This board provides complete audio processing and accepts any of the MSB discrete ladder DAC modules above. It has 10 digital inputs. This is the ultimate DAC with three levels of performance.     product details

MSB PRO I2S Network

The MSB PRO I2S Network is a high bandwidth, low jitter, multi-channel, digital interface, which is ideally suited for today's high-speed audio and video transmission needs. The network currently supports both DVD-Audio and SACD in their full resolution native formats. It also provides a low jitter master clock and a micro control interface. The CAT-6 cables are readily available and of proven reliability.

Digital CrossOver

This digital crossover can be implemented in any of the current MSB DAC IVs as a firmware upgrade. It converts the balanced 2 channel DAC into a single-ended 4 channel DAC with a 2 way crossover. MSB will develop custom crossover software optimized for your speaker.     product details

MSB Server Upgrade Kit

We have a range of boards to manage clocks, clock switching, inputs and outputs from USB sources. These are ideal to provide a low jitter isolated output for computer based servers.