MSB has lead the industry with the perfection of new playback technologies. This is the first USB input that can play every sample frequency file on your computer up to 384 kHz bit-perfect without resampling.

This accomplishment is ground breaking, as the USB interface has been a teaser for audiophiles. Simple plug and play connectivity was a dream, but it always fell short where hi-res music was concerned. MSB now has an optional user installable input option that provides a USB input that takes charge of your computer and accurately clocks in the music files, allowing you to play hi-res files bit-perfect in their native format up to 384 kHz sample rate.

USB 2.0 is a very robust interface that allows the receiving device to talk to the computer and tell it what it is capable of doing, and to make it's capability available to the user. For example when I go to set up my audio output settings, the highest sample frequency my MAC supports is 192kHz. There is no higher sample rate in the menu. Plug in the USB cable to the MSB DAC and voila, there is 352.8 and 384 kHz on the list. Wow. Select it and play that 384 kHz file bit-perfect. No new drivers or fiddling around.

Two Models

USB2 Basic 192

The basic USB 2 input module supports bit-perfect, jitter-free, noise-free opto-isolated playback on both MAC operating systems and Windows, up to 192 kHz, 24 bit playback.

USB2 Signature 384

The Signature USB 2 goes further. It provides super shielding and isolation and supports sample rates up to 384 kHz. The sound is just amazing.


The USB module is designed to plug into a board. The drawings and pinouts are shown here.


SolidWorks 3D and 2D drawings, a STEP file, and 2D and 3D PDF