OEM Xover

OEM Xover

"Is that really just a regular CD playing?"
CES visitor comment
(CES 2006, Las Vegas)

The digital crossover module

Our digital crossover technology is a DSP based solution that utilizes our existing DAC IV family of DACs. This crossover solution converts the balanced 2 channel DAC into a single-ended 4 channel DAC with a 2 way crossover. MSB will develop custom crossover software optimized for your speaker and supply it for use in a DAC IV.

Why put a digital crossover in the DAC?

The last place in any system an active crossover can be included is in the DAC, just before the signal becomes analog. Once the signal is analog, any active crossover will either require analog filters which offer limited performance or require conversion back to digital and then back to analog after filtering. Neither option makes sense so we perform the cross over filtering just before the DACs. We convert the right and left outputs of the DAC into a 2 way single channel using the four RCA outputs standard on the DAC IV.

How does the process work?

Unlike the dozens of PC based crossovers which provide adjustable crossover points and adjustable levels and delays of low resolution, we optimize the crossover parameters for your specific speaker with incredibly high resolution. We measure the speaker and create a range of filters, test them and then go back and tweek them until they are perfect. We then send you a filter to install in the MSB DAC.

We give you two options here. The most cost effective is to ship us the speaker and we will create a filter for you. If you are not happy with the sound or want a change, we will try again with the changes you want. We typically find that two or three tries are needed to reach perfection. The other option is to bring your speaker and spend a week with us, listening and experimenting. This lets you modify your speaker on the fly as we find ways to improve the sound that go beyond the crossover. By the end of the week you will have a complete solution.

About the Technology

The MSB CrossOver uses a SHARC DSP processor to create very steep crossover slopes.

Total Filter
Filter Passband
Filter Stopband

Platinum Cross Over Specifications

80 bit computations

Linear Phase FIR

4000 taps

Input: Digital Audio

Input Resolution: up to 32 bit, 384kHz

Output: Four Analog Outputs

Lowest Frequency
200 Hz
lower degrades performance

Delay: .2 msec steps up to 60 msec

Trim: up to -12 dB in .25 dB steps