Platinum ADC Details

Platinum ADC Details

The 8 Channel 384 kHz, 32 bit ADC plus

This ADC plus is loaded with features. The following flow chart illustrates the configuration options.

Here is a bit of explanation. There are 10 output channels. Two each on the 4 balanced XLR outputs, plus two possible on the BNC clock output, which can be used as a clock or another digital output. Each of these ten outputs can be independently configured with any combination of the 8 input channels. This allows any mix for the inputs to be sent to each output.

The four pairs of input channels are each configured with analog gain, grounding, DC offset and filtering. Each output channel is not only a blend of input channels but can have also have a different dither and bit depth setting, but must be at the same sampling rate.

The Stereo 384 kHz, 32 bit ADC plus

The Stereo ADC plus is all about performance. The following flow chart illustrates the simplified configuration options.

The single input pair can be configured with analog gain, grounding, DC offset and filtering. There just one pair of output channels, repeated on two connecters. The output channel can have the dither and bit depth set. The incoming audio is sent out on each on the 2 balanced XLR outputs. The level of each output channel can be adjusted.

ADC plus Ordering Options

The Platinum ADC plus offers performance never before heard. It requires an MSB Power Base shown below. This ADC is used in some of the best Studios in the world. (Ships one per carton, 24" x 24" x 7", 34 lbs)

Pick Color

The ADC plus is availible in Matte Black or White or any of our many custom colors. Select color and heatsink option:

  Matte Black with Standard Matte Black Heatsinks
  Matte White with Standard Matte White Heatsinks
  EURO style Heatsinks (Add $995)
  Custom Color (any color or combination) for either version (Add $699)

Pick Power Supply

Each ADC plus must be attached to a Signature or Diamond Platinum Power Base. Each power supply comes with an output, able to operate a DAC or ADC plus AND an optional output to operate an MSB transport. First we must select the Power Supply Chassis, a Signature or Diamond. See Power Base Comparisons.

The Signature Power Supply includes upgraded transformers, addtional magnetic and electrostatic sheilding and an upgraded Power Link Cable.

The Diamond Power Supply includes upgraded capacitors, silicon carbide diodes, addtional magnetic and electrostatic sheilding. It also provides twice the power output and an exceptional Power Link Cable. It is an optinum match for the Stereo ADC.

  None - I already have one.
  Signature Platinum Power Base with Digital Supply and Signature Power Cable(Add $4995.)
  Diamond Platinum Power Base with digital supply and Diamond Power Cable(Add $5995.)
  EURO Heatsink option (Add $995)
  Custom Color (any color or combination) for either version (Add $699)

Pick Model

Two models are available, the Stereo or 8 channel. Conversion between them is possilbe but can only be done at the factory.

  8 Channel Studio ADC
  Stereo Studio ADC

Pick FemtoSecond Galaxy Clock

This reference clock offers unprecedented accuracy with jitter under 77 femtoseconds (.077 psec). There is no more accurate clock availible for audio. Sonic benefits guaranteed. This clock replaces the Femto 140 clock. (Full credit is included)

  Include Galaxy Clock (Add $4955)

Pick USB Adapter

This optional adapter allow the ADC to output directly to a PC using USB. Also requires a 12V transport power base.

  None - I do not want the USB out.
  Add USB Adapter(Add $3995.)
  Outboard Desktop Supply for USB (Not needed if used with Diamond Power Base) (Add $595.)