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"If there is a digital converter that can convince a die hard vinylphile that digital has at last arrived, this is the machine "
Martin G. DeWulf, Bound for Sound issue #147
(the Platinum Reference CD Player from MSB)

" What makes the strength of the Platinum Signature is the homogeneity of the performances. Whatever the domain you want to introspect it comes like one of the best or the best DAC in the world. But this is its remarkable balance in any circumstances that makes it an incredibly musical 'soloist'."

"The performances, in terms of image, fluidity and bandwidth, have nothing to envy to the very best DACs in the market. Moreover, these objective qualities are fully serving a restitution of a rare musicality getting closer than ever to analogue with a full digital precision. This is without any restriction that I recommend this American Jewel."

Antoine Gresland, EcoutezVoir Magazine, Paris FRANCE March 2009
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The Platinum DAC III was designed in a way that it can be used as the last component in your system before the amplifiers.  With the added convenience of having multiple digital inputs and one Analog input you can easily eliminate your preamp. You may connect your turntable through the analog input and all your digital sources directly to the DAC III.   The Analog Output is volume controlled (if the optional Volume Control is installed).  

About the DAC

The Second Generation Platinum DAC modules are of our own design, hand made, discretely built R2R Ladder DACs.  How DACs Work! A simple but accurate explanation. The Platinum DACs draw from the older ladder technology but with incredible improvements that allow them to operate up to 3 MHz.  The Platinum DAC III contains four of these 24 bit MSB DAC Modules configured in a true balanced architecture for optimum balanced or single-ended operation..   

About the Digital Filter

For the first time ever, we have created our own Custom Digital Filter for the Platinum DACs.  Previous versions of the Platinum DAC used the Burr-Brown DF1704, which at the time was the best Digital Filter on the market.  Our new Digital Filter is built to our specifications and standards, and is designed to get the most out of the Platinum DAC modules.   

The performance of this new Digital Filter is amazing.  Immediately you'll notice the lack of fuzziness around voices and instruments of all  frequencies.  This new filter also dramatically increases the resolution and dynamics of the machine.  This filter is also completely customizable; By playing a special .wav file on a CD new filter coefficients, either temporary or permanent, can be loaded into our DSP.   

The Digital Filter is a 16x oversampling, single stage filter with 32-bit input resolution, 80-bit computation, and 36-bit coefficients.  More information on this custom MSB Digital Filter can be found here.

About the Clock / Jitter Control 

Jitter control devices (and inputs on most DACs) normally re-clock the input signal in attempt to lessen the jitter of that incoming signal. The Platinum DAC III does no such re-clocking. We actually pay no attention to the clock on the input signal.  All internal clocks are generated by an extremely accurate +/- 2.5ppm temperature compensated clock. Since the input clock is no longer related to the clock of the Platinum, an intelligent second buffer is used to maintain data synchronization. 

About the Optional Attenuator 

Our Preamp philosophy is based on the belief that from the moment analog audio is created, every transition that is made degrades the quality. This is why we have used a passive attenuator within the Platinum DAC III, to achieve the simplest, shortest possible signal path with the least possible degradation of the true music.  The Volume is controlled in 2 dB steps from 0 to -62 dB.  The Volume Control is completely bypassed when at 0 dB.  

This attenuator section is also designed to serve as a way to match the naturally high output level of the Platinum DACs to any desired outboard preamp. This has proven to be extremely useful for many of our customers that are happy with the Preamp they have known and used for years. It allows the two devices to be correctly matched with each other.


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DAC III Specifications

Coaxial, Toslink, Balanced AES/EBU, 2MSB Network (192k) and 1 Balanced Analog input (<600 ohms)

RCA Outputs:
3.6V RMS (10V pp)

Balanced Outputs:
7.5V RMS (20V pp)

Output Impedance:
50 ohms at 0 dB

Volume Control:
2dB Stepped Attenuator
(32 steps)

Sampling Frequency:
1.5 MHz up to 3 MHz

Digital Filter:
16x Digital Filter by MSB Technology

Slew Rate:
>1000 V/Microsecond

Settling Time:
<90 Nanoseconds

Dynamic Range:
136 dB A Measured

Noise Floor:
<-145 dB


Signal to Noise Ratio:
140 dB

Channel Separation:
>130 dB

Control Features:
Display Dim Mode
Phase Invert
Upsampling (4x)
Volume Control
Input Selection
Filter Selection

Upgrade Options:
32x Digital Filter
384 Upsampler
Signature DACs
USB Input

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