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The DAC IV plus is the heart of a simple but incredibly high performance system. It was designed in a way to act as both a DAC and a pre-amplifier.  With many digital inputs and up to two Analog inputs our integrated analog volume control may outperform your preamp. You may connect your turntable through the analog input and all your digital sources directly to the DAC IV plus.   The Analog Output is a stepped attenuator purist volume control design (if the optional Volume Control is installed).  It's simplicity provides amazing transperency. 

The Package

The DAC IV plus comes in two exciting packages. The EURO design shown above is simple and elegant. The classic design below provides a bold "tech" look in keeping with the technology found within. Both have integral heat sinks to keep component temperatures stable and both use an external DC power base. Integral in both designs are our amazing MSB Isorack Damping Feet as well as a clean front panel, with a full suite of programmable features. All DAC IV's are offered from stock in Matt Black, as well as a huge range of Custom Colors.

Four Models

The DAC IV plus is sold in four models. All include ground breaking technology. A DAC Comparison Chart details the differences between the models. DAC technology is complex. Vince, our US Sales Manager has put together a simple Ladder DAC explaination. For a better understanding check this more technical tutorial.   How DACs Work! A simple but accurate explanation. All DAC IV plus's are fully upgradable. Check our Firmware Upgrade Files here.

  • The Platinum DAC IV plus is our entry to this high performance family with plenty of future upgrades availible.
  • The Signature DAC IV plus incorporates many upgrades over the basic Platinum including Signature DAC modules.
  • The Diamond DAC IV plus is our top-of-the-line DAC including our best Diamond DAC modules.
  • The Diamond DAC IV select is our reference DAC including our best hand selected Diamond DAC modules, euro styling, Galaxy Femtosecond Clock and lots of extras.

Computer Music Server?

The MSB USB2 input allows a DAC IV plus to interface seamlessly with any computer using the USB 2.0 output and play bit-perfect audio to 384 kHz and DSD with no hassles or confusion. You are provided with the highest quality computer based playback in the industry with the least difficulty. Who says the best must be expensive or complex. The MSB USB2 offers a simple solution with amazing performance. Does your music server have a clock input? MSB DACs now offer a clock output for greatly reduced noise from that music server.

Femtosecond Clock

All three DAC IV plus models include the MSB Femto 140 clock. This amazing clock offers less than 140 Femtoseconds of jitter for your DAC and MSB Transports. Nothing contributes more to natuaral sound than low clock jitter and MSB offers the worlds lowest jitter audio clocks! The select DAC includes the Femtosecond Galaxy Clock. This clock is an upgrade option for all DAC and ADC models.

Superior DSD playback

The DAC IV plus and select are able to accept DSD in all of its digital inputs, not just the USB input like most DACs. You can play .DFF and .DFS files and can play 64x DSD and 128x DSD. Please note, you must have a 192 kHz USB input rate for 64x DSD and a 384 kHz USB input rate for 128x DSD. (You have been wondering why MSB has been shipping 384 kHz inputs for years now!) The extreme speed and resolution of our DACs provide a DSD experience unlike any in this world. You must hear it to believe it.


The MSB aluminum remote offers complete controls for the Data CD IV plus transport, DAC IV plus family and iLink. The WiFi System Interface offers complete control with an iPad or iPhone.


Many amazing transports fit perfectly in the DAC IV plus family.

  • Our breakthrough Data CD IV Transport plays CDs and high resolution audio files on DVDs.
  • The ultimate CD playback is accomplished with the Signature Data CD IV Transport. It includes the PRO I2S interface and a metal drawer.
  • The versatile Universal Media Transport plays just about everything on a disc, on a USB memory stick, on a Hard Drive or on a computer network. Wow!
  • The iLink II Integrated Transport is also available as a DAC IV plus option. It allows the DAC to play digitally bit-perfect music files from the newest iPods without modifications, with the same bit-perfect jitter-free quality as our transport.

Check out the differences between each transport on this Transport Comparison Chart.

The DAC IV plus is available in Matt Black or a whole range of custom colors.  A system is shown here in Champagne.

The Sound

The performance of DAC IV is amazing. Immediately you'll notice the beauty of the voices and the lack of congestion and harshness that often accompanies massed voices and massed instruments with complex harmonics like violins and saxophones. This new level of clarity is also noticeable in instruments of all frequencies. This DAC also dramatically increases the resolution of the performance. Fine detail that was once hidden and "smeared" in the background is now clear and obvious. There is a perception that each fine harmonic is individually revealed giving new definition and separation to the instruments. The sense of space where the recording was done is intricately revealed with wider and deeper soundstage. Each instrument is more singly placed and positioned. Our engineering and listening team have always noticed that when genuine fine detail is further revealed (without harshness), there always seems to be an increase in the sense of space. This makes sense because spatial cues are the original sound of the voice or instrument with the reflections from the walls of the recording space added, and are therefore complex harmonics themselves.

The dynamics are significantly improved giving the drummer's expression a convincing "hit" that cannot be ignored. Bass attack is convincing and scaled to what the artist intended. This new level of dynamic reproduction is a critical ingredient in convincing us we are listening to the live performance, and drawing us deeply into the music. Once it is heard, it is hard to live without.

The Measurements

The DAC IV plus outperforms by far all other competitors with a noise floor and jitter measurements that are out of this world. Here we compare to the best published results we could find for jitter. Each of these was noted by Stereophile for their excellent jitter performance. All use the same test parameters. The lower the sideband levels, the lower the jitter. MSB is an order of magnitude better than our closest competitor.

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