The Best Sound We Can Make

  • Includes new and sometimes experimental features and parts
  • Includes our best DAC modules and clock
  • Includes our best USB input module
  • Includes higher power rated connectors and cable
  • Includes a select Diamond Power Base with reduced noise (no transport supply)
  • No charge for custom color, extra inputs or options
  • Includes a 10 year replacement warranty
  • Includes free upgrades for one year
  • Includes an upgrade guarantee for 10 years (you only pay the difference in price)
  • Fully burned in at MSB
  • Ships from stock in matte Black (no charge for custom colors but requires 6 week lead time).

"SELECT" Model - "SELECT" Program

The SELECT DAC is MSB's reference DAC for the future. The select model started life as a fully loaded Diamond DAC IV in which all the options are included as well as an exciting 10 year warranty and upgrade guarantee. But that is just the beginning. Each month we add new improvements. Not only does it have the very best diamond DAC modules, Galaxy Femtosecond Clock, EURO heatsinks, 384 kHz USB input and Diamond Volume controls -- but now has a number of major improvements including a new heavy duty power link with additional power supplies to further isolate the clock. It also has lots of hardware improvements including some new technology we are not even talking about. Its all included, burned in and carefully tested, including actual listening tests in our reference system. As we are developing improvements and new ideas, they are immediately incorporated into this DAC, so unlike normal products, each month the select model will be different, and from time-to-time the cost may increase. But don't worry, you can upgrade as often as you want, so you will never be left behind. The select model comes with a 10 year warranty and upgrade guarantee so as we make improvements, you can return your DAC and get the latest performance without having to worry about selling the old model and buying the new one. These upgrades are free for the first year and simply the difference in cost between your DAC and the current select DAC for the remaining years. Guaranteed, no questions asked. Upgrade as often as you like.

WARNING about the sound

The SELECT DAC has amazing resolution. In fact, for the first time ever we can just barely hear the quantization noise of a CD, a noise that disappears with 24 bit sources. BUT HERE IS THE WARNING. Bad sources will sound really bad. This is not a forgiving DAC. It will faithfully reproduce the source. Not just the digital source but will reach beyond back to the original master and shock you when your system is right. Oh my, we have been in the concert hall, been in the studio, been right there with the artist, when the system is right. But lets have a very clean, bit-perfect source or all bets are off. Lets have good clean power with plenty of current. Lets have good fast amplifiers with lots of transparency and some good, fast, accurate speakers. If you are not hearing something amazing, it is time to start searching for the choke point in your system.


The SELECT DAC is more or less like the DAC IV Diamond plus. Less in that most of the tricky options and features of the Diamond have been eliminated. Menu options are limited to just what is needed to play music - phase invert, source selection and display modes and it still has the built-in preamp. It is more in that it offers the most life-like sound possible. It has a level of realism never heard before.

There is nothing else to say. No specifications will be provided, no measurements and absolutely no technical discussion. Read about the MSB Diamond DAC plus if you want to understand more about MSB's advanced technology. But we have some new things going on here that are best kept secret for now.