The SELECT DAC offers unbelievable performance. It comes fully loaded with our best features. You only have to decide if you want an additional input or if you want to wait and decide later. None of these options impact the cost. You can have it just the way you want it.

Pick Color

The SELECT DAC is available from stock in Matte Black. Any other custom color may be requested. Select color option:

  Matte Black with Matt Black Heatsinks
  Custom color is desired (please add 6 weeks for production)

Output Format

To optimize the DAC performance it can be either configured for single-ended or balanced outputs. This choice cannot be changed without being sent back to the factory.

  Balanced - High quality balanced output with slightly reduced performance RCA outputs
  RCA - Two pairs of high quality RCA single-ended outputs. No Balanced outputs.

Pick Optional Input

There is one unused input slot. You may leave it blank for later or pick one of these input options.

  None - I will save it for later.
  Add a second balanced analog input.
  Add a second PRO I2S input. This would be for a second transport.
  Add MSB Network input. This older input would be for the Data CD or older MSB Transport.
  Add a Master Clock output for use with a clock link equipped server or transport.

Front Control Option

The Power Base is controlled with a toggle switch on the rear panel or via a 12 V trigger connection also on the rear. This upgrade provides a front panel switch as well as remote receiver so the power supply can be turned on and off with the MSB remote.

  None - I am happy with rear control.
  Adds front and remote control to Power Base


The SELECT is an expensive DAC Program and the details can be very important to you, the customer, once that magic upgrade period runs out. Here is how it works:
DATES - From the date MSB ships a SELECT, the one year free upgrade clock starts to run. It does not matter if it is shipped to a dealer or customer directly. You can upgrade that DAC as often as you want during that year with no charge, but the clock does not reset. When you upgrade that DAC after one year you will pay the difference between the current price and the price you paid (if any). (Not the price at the time of your last free upgrade). You may do this as often as you wish for another 9 years, paying the difference between the current price and your last paid upgrade.
REGISTRATION - This upgrade is not transferable between customers, but is transferable from a dealer to a customer. Once this product has been sold to a customer, this is the only customer who is covered in the program. Failure to register the SELECT voids the upgrade policy. It would be wise for the dealer to fill out and send in the SELECT registration because customers may forget. But we have no way of knowing who is the original owner if the information has not been supplied.
DAMAGE - Units sent back for an upgrade or replacement are assumed to be in good condition. There should be no damage besides normal wear and tear as would be expected on a product of this price. Scratched, dented or damaged product will be repaired and the cost of the repair will be added to your upgrade cost, including 'free' upgrades. When you drop it on the floor, a 'free' upgrade will not get you a new unit.
RETURN SHIPPING - Shipping the unit back for an upgrade is the customers or dealers responsibility. There are sometimes difficult customs requirements. MSB will do our best to prepare the customs forms to minimize import and export costs.