Signature DAC IV Details

Signature DAC IV Details

The Signatue DAC IV plus offers uncomprimised performance. It provides hand matched DAC modules for superior sound quality. These DACs can run at twice the speed (with a 384 kHz sampling rate source) with half the settling time as our standard Platinum DACs. The noise level is cut to 1/3 the normal value and the signal-to-noise ratio is up to 140 db. They come as a matched set of four. This DAC accepts 384KHz inputs and includes our advanced 32x MSB Digital Filter as well as our whole filter suite. It includes 384 kHz upsampling as well. Finally it includes our Femto 140 clock with less than 140 femtoseconds of jitter. It outputs single ended or balanced analog and has a clock sync for studio use. Inputs include balanced or single ended analog inputs, Toslink, Coaxial, Balanced and MSB PRO I2S digital inputs. Voltage switchable.

Pick Color

The Signature DAC IV plus is availible in Matte Black or White or any of our many custom colors. Select color and heatsink option:

  Matte Black with Standard Matte Black Heatsinks
  Matte White with Standard Matte White Heatsinks
  EURO style Heatsinks (Add $995)
  Custom Color (any color or combination) for either version (Add $699)

Pick Power Supply

Each DAC must be attached to a DAC IV Power Supply. Each power supply comes with an output, able to operate a DAC or ADC AND an output to operate an MSB transport. We must select the Power Supply Chassis, a Standard, Signature or Diamond. See Power Base Comparisons.

The Signature Power Supply includes upgraded transformers, addtional magnetic and electrostatic sheilding and an upgraded Power Link Cable.

The Diamond Power Supply includes upgraded capacitors, silicon carbide diodes, addtional magnetic and electrostatic sheilding. It also provides twice the power output and an exceptional Power Link Cable.

  None - I already have one.
  Signature Platinum Power Base with Digital Supply and Signature Power Cable(Add $4995.)
  Diamond Platinum Power Base with digital supply and Diamond Power Cable(Add $5995.)
  EURO Heatsink option (Add $995)
  Custom Color (any color or combination) for either version (Add $699)

Front Control Option

The Power Base is controlled with a toggle switch on the rear panel for via a 12 V trigger connection also on the rear. This upgrade provides a front panel switch as well as remote receiver so the power supply can be turned on and off with the MSB remote.

  None - I am happy with rear control.
  Adds front and remote control to Power Base ($485)

Pick Volume Control

Our Preamp philosophy is based on the belief that from the moment analog audio is created, every transition that is made degrades the quality. This is why we have used a passive attenuator within the Platinum DAC IV plus, to achieve the simplest, shortest possible signal path with the least possible degradation of the true music.  The Volume is controlled in 1 dB steps from +9 to -69 dB.  The Volume Control is completely bypassed when at 0 dB.  

The volume control can be applied to the analog inputs or the inputs can bypass the volume control. Trim and balance can be selected in the DAC menus to match the DAC output to an external analog input.

  Include Signature Stepped Attenuator (Add $2295)
  Include Diamond Stepped Attenuator (Add $2995)

Pick FemtoSecond Galaxy Clock

This reference clock offers unprecedented accuracy with jitter under 77 femtoseconds (.077 psec). There is no more accurate clock availible for audio. Sonic benefits guaranteed. This clock replaces the Femto 140 clock. (Full credit is included)

  Include Galaxy Clock (Add $4955)

Pick USB

We have gone to great trouble to completely isolate the USB input from computer noise and jitter. The USB receiver is actually powered from the USB computer power and the data buffered and optically coupled to our board for complete ground isolation and jitter rejection. Listening tests place this input on an equal footing with other SP/DIF inputs, as a truly high performance audio source. The USB input is availible in three levels. All are limited to 24 bits.

USB1 will work to 48k with no special drivers, installation or preparation on the computer. Plug it in and go.

USB2 Standard 192 is a more advanced option, with bit-perfect playback of all files up to 192 kHz. Plug and play on the MAC, but MSB drivers will need to be installed on the PC.

The USB2 Signature 384 upgrade will play all files up to 384 kHz with exceptional quality. Plug and play on the MAC, but MSB drivers will need to be installed on the PC.

Up to Two USB inputs can be added of any type.

  Add USB2 192 kHz Input (Add $995)
  Add USB2 Signature 384 kHz Input (Add $1395)

Pick extra Analog Input

There are two possible upgrades to add an additional analog input. One adds another balanced input, the other a single-ended input.

The single-ended input upgrade converts the Alternate Analog Output into an additional single-ended analog input. Just as the balanced analog input, it can bypass or use the volume control and is fully selectable.

A second balanced input can be added by using the two AUX inputs for two more XLR inputs. Just as the first balanced analog input, it can bypass or use the volume control and is fully selectable. This upgrade uses up the AUX inputs so no other digital inputs can be added.

  Include RCA Analog Input (Add $995)
  Include XLR Balanced Analog Input (Add $995)

Pick Clock Output Adapter

This adapter plugs into a PRO I2S input or the older MSB Network (either the one found on the DAC or one created with the PRO I2S input card below). It provides a master clock output suitable to slave a transport or server.

The clock output is a 512x master clock at LVDS level. It is approved for use with the Aurender Server. (It can also be used as a clock input.)

  Include Clock Output Adapter (Add $199)

Pick PRO I2S Input

This input board provides a ground isloated MSB Network input ideal for connection to the Universal Media Transport and Data CD IV transport as well as a second PRO I2S input.

Either or Both can be installed in the AUX input slots.

  Include PRO I2S Input (Add $995)

Pick PRO I2S Cable

This CAT 6 cable provides a connection from the Universal Media Transport and Data CD transport to the DAC PRO I2S input or the older MSB Network input.

  Include PRO I2S Cable for DAC IV (Add $95)