MSB SELECT Headphone Amplifier

MSB SELECT Headphone Amplifier


  • Two Stax style Outputs
  • Balanced Analog Input and Output
  • Equalization Module for optimization
  • Volume and Balance integrated with DAC
  • Unique Design - DAC Power directly coupled to output - no Feedback.


  • >140 dB Dynamic Range
  • 0.0003% Minimum Distortion
  • 4 microVolts Noise Bias
  • +/- 0.8dB Frequency Flatness
  • 75 Ohm Input Impedance, 4V RMS Max input voltage
  • < 70dB CMRR @ 20kHz
  • < 90dB CMRR @ 1kHz
  • < 120dB CMRR @ 60Hz
  • < 65dB Crosstalk @ 20kHz
  • < 90dB Crosstalk @ 1kHz

An Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier and DAC for the Serious Listener

MSB is pleased to introduce the new SELECT Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier. As a matched companion to the MSB SELECT DAC II, the combination results in the highest performance, most expensive headphone system in the world. For the very first time in history, the output of a discrete Ladder DAC drives the headphones directly, with nothing in the way to color or degrade the highest resolution (173 dB dynamic range) DAC in the world, clocked by the lowest jitter (33 femtoseconds) clock in the world.

Hear all your music has to offer with the best your headphones can be.

The SELECT DAC II and Headphone Amplifier are the new world standard !
Shown in Pearl White with real gold trim.

Come listen at the London CANJAM show.