The MSB Theater Master 8 channel Hybrid DAC

The MSB Theater Master 8 channel Hybrid DAC

Taming the Theater Beast

When you think about a great theater you first think about video, but studies have shown that audio is the real key to the believability of the movie experience. Something is not right in the audio world. Why does every major singer still release their music on vinyl? Why does Amazon have 1.4 million listing for vinyl in the CD & Vinyl category? Records? Thomas Edison made records. Why would anyone still buy records? CDs are far more accurate reproducers of music than records and they are smaller, cheaper and easier to use, yet record sales are growing. Why?

We believe for all the accuracy of digital music, subconsciously, the human mind does not find it believable or natural. Digital artifacts and harshness cause fatigue. The highly distorted but natural analog sound of vinyl does not fatigue. It connects you with real music. And why does digital music sound harsh? It is the Digital-to-Analog conversion.

MSB has been making D-to-A converters for 25 years. In recent years we have finally begun to create analog sound from digital sources that sounds natural, like analog. It is expensive technology but it results in fatigue-free natural sound that you can listen to all night long. We have been bringing natural music to audiophiles for years. Now we have put together a world-class theater system with an entirely new level of audio.

What about Home Theater?

So what about the sources of sound for home theater. What do you know, but unlike music, every source today is digital. There are no analog sources - there is not even a single analog reference source to compare with. Until now. The MSB Master Theater system includes our very best DAC technology with the goal of giving you a true analog source with everything you play in your theater - not only for movies but for music as well. There is no theater system in the world that even comes close.

The MSB System - Three keys to success

There are three main criteria required to make digital sources sound natural. They have all been developed by MSB over the last 25 years.

  1. Isolation - total isolation between computers and video on one side, and audio on the other is required. This is a major challenge in which most theater products fail horribly. Grounds are normally shared between audio and video and all that video noise is carried into the audio sound.
  2. Jitter - digital conversion must be done with a very low jitter clock. MSB wrote the book on clock jitter with our own proprietary femtosecond clock timing the conversion. MSB has developed the lowest jitter audio clocks in the industry.
  3. Accuracy - Literally all theater processors use one bit DACs and filtering to try and recreate analog sound. MSB employs our own discrete ladder DAC, which is an analog process using a ladder of resistors each providing a voltage that is summed up to create the analog output. With this technology, again, MSB stands alone.

The 8 channel Hybrid DAC

The key to good sound in any system is the DAC. The MSB 8 channel DAC, the MSB Beast Master used our best DAC technology. This is were we convert that digital audio into glorious, natural sounding analog audio. Audio with all the subtle nuances you expect from high resolution digital audio but natural, smooth clean analog sound. The Beast Master contains volume controls and is the place we handle all the room specific settings such as delays, channel levels and down-mixing. With full RS-232 control and reporting, it integrates with any home theater control system.

Each product can be configured in two ways. When a complete system is planned, all communication between boxes is using our PRO I2S interface (via a CAT6 cable). This protocol handles 8 channels of high-res audio as well as clocks and control information. You end up with a seamless integrated system. On the other hand, you can request quad RCA S/PDIF digital connections allowing you to mix MSB with other surround processors, sources or DACs. This capability also allows you to add-on room correction products as needed.

Easy Installation, Integration and Service

Integration and serviceability are top priorities. Not only are the results going to be stunning, but the ease of integration, and control will be a dream. The elegant packaging is available for rack or shelf mounting, and oversized heat sinks assure operation even when things get hot.

Performance Specifications

  • Eight Channels with Dual 26 bit Ladder DACs per channel
  • Native decoding of 64x and 128x DSD
  • Custom Digital Filtering at 80 bit precision
  • Inputs up to 384 kHz x 32 bits
  • Proprietary MSB volume control
  • 7 independent linear power supplies
  • Complete RS-232 Control
  • 140 Femtosecond jitter clock.
  • Simple To Use and Integrate
  • Sound Quality That Challenges the Best Analog Sources