Theater Master Details

Theater Master Details

The MSB Theater Master 8 Channel Hybrid DAC is the ultimate theater addition.

Pick Color and Form

The product is available in Matte Black or White or any of our many custom colors. The product can be placed on a shelf or be rack mounted. All products on this page will be made in the same color and style. Select color option and mounting:

  Matte White
  Matte Black
  Rack Mount Option (any color or combination) (Add $1295)
  Custom Color (any color or combination) (Add $699)

MSB Theater Master 8 channel Hybrid DAC

The 8 channel Hybrid DAC completes any Theater system. It contains the downmixing and trims. It has a single input module, which can either be Dual MSB PRO I2S for connection to MSB products or an 8 Channel S/PDIF input for connection to other surround processors.

Select the input module you need.

  Input MSB PRO I2S for connection to MSB Surround Proccesor
  Input 8 ch S/PDIF for connection to another Surround Proccesor

Include Volume Control

We strongly recommend this upgrade. It adds our amazing integrated volume controls.

  None - I am happy with no volume control.
  Include Volume Control (Add $995.)

Pick FemtoSecond Clock Upgrade

This reference Femto 33 Clock at 33 femtoseconds jitter and the Galaxy Femto 77 Clock with jitter under 77 femtoseconds (.077 psec) offers unprecedented accuracy. There is no more accurate clocks availible for audio. Sonic benefits guaranteed. These clocks replace the Femto 140 clock. (Full credit is included)

  Include Galaxy Clock (Add $4955)
  Include Femto 33 Clock (Add $14905)

Pick Power Supply

The Theater Master 8 Channel Hybrid DAC requires three Power Supplies. One power supply is for the digital and one for the Clocks and finally one for the Analog. You have the choice of a Triple Supply or may may upgrade to three single supplies at twice the power rating and with amazing isolation.

  Standard Triple Hybrid Power Base (included)
  Upgrade to a Three Single SELECT Power Bases(Add $39900.)