List Prices

List Prices

Euro Heat Sinks (DAC IV, DAC IV plus, UMT, UMT plus, Data CD, Signature Data CD, and all Power Bases)

A pair of Matte Black EURO style heatsinks. Requires some technical skills to replace. Return to dealer or ship to MSB.


PRO I2S input Upgrade (DAC IV or plus ONLY)

This upgrade provides two new input options. It has a ground isolated MSB Network input and a MSB PRO I2S input, that far exceeds the performance and jitter specs of the old MSB Network with NO ground connection. User installable on Platinum and Signature and Diamond. Uses up one or two AUX input slot. (both can be used)


USB2 Input

We have gone to great trouble to completely isolate the USB input from computer noise and jitter. The USB receiver is actually powered from the USB computer power and the data buffered and optically coupled to our board for complete ground isolation and jitter rejection. Available in USB2 to 192k. Also available up to 384k in DAC able to accept such high sample rate data. Uses up one AUX input slot on DAC IV plus. Also available for most MSB and non-MSB DACs.


Master Clock Adapter

MSB Clock Adapter can be plugged into either the PRO I2S output or the older MSB network output on any DAC IV. The BNC output is a LVDS level 512x master clock output that can be used to keep the server in sync. This is a great upgrade and has already been approved by Aurender.


Upsampler UPGRADES (DAC III and earlier models)

192K Input Upgrade Kit (Older than DAC III)

This 192K input module shipped with the DAC III and CD III. It replaces the older input and upsampler board. This board now accepts 24 bit 192k SP/DIFF signals from all digital inputs. Can be used with all DAC III and older Platinum Models.

Signature 384 kHz Upsampling Upgrade Kit

The 384 kHz upsampling upgrade replaces the input board and adds some amazing features to the Platinum DAC models I to III. All inputs can be upsampled using the front panel button. This upsampler sends the MSB digital filter a 32 bit signal at up to 384 kHz. Upsampled frequency is shown on the display. The SP/DIF inputs are also upgraded to accept up to 384 kHz signals. An optional USB input is also available with this upgrade. It is installable in any Platinum DAC up to level III.



Digital Filter UPGRADES (DAC III and earlier models)

16X Digital Filter Upgrade Kit

This upgrade for older DACs provides the newer 16X digital filter and clock upgrade modules for superior sound quality. They both measure and clearly sound better than the Burr Brown digital filter used in all previous generations of Platinum DACs. They are standard in all DAC III products. They are user installable but in order to work reliably, either the mother board or DAC modules must be upgraded. If you buy this upgrade for any older DAC, remove and return the DAC modules for this free upgrade, or consider a 2nd Generation or Signature DAC upgrade at the same time. This upgrade will work in all DAC III or older models.

Signature 32x Digital Filter Upgrade Kit

The signature 32X digital filter is twice what the 16X filter is. Twice the processor and twice the memory results in more than twice the performance. The 16x filter supplied in the stock DAC III is a huge improvement over commodity digital filters like the Burr-Brown DF1704, but is now bested by the new Signature filter. User installable upgrade for any Platinum DAC III or older.