Signature Data CD IV Details

Signature Data CD IV Details

In the basic configuration the Signature Data CD V offers unprecedented performance value. Not only does it come with all the digital outputs you could want, but plays CDs and DVDs with high-resolution audio files up to 384 kHz and 32 bits. It includes our ProI2S interface with clock linking. It requires a 12 V power supply shown below.

Pick Color

The Signature Data CD IV is availible in Matte Black or White or any of our many custom colors. Select color and heatsink option:

  Matte Black with Standard Matte Black Heatsinks
  Matte White with Standard Matte White Heatsinks
  EURO style Heatsinks (Add $995)
  Custom Color (any color or combination) for either version (Add $699)

Pick Power Supply

Each Transport must be attached to a 12 Volt Power Supply. For best results, we recommend the Signature or Diamond Transport Power Base.

All of the DAC V power bases (Signature and Diamond) all offer the same transport power supply and all can be used with this transport. The Power Base can operate both one DAC and one Transport.

Where rack space is limited an medical grade outboard desktop supply is available.

  None - I already have a Platinum Power Base.
  Outboard Desktop Supply (Add $595.)
  Signature Transport Power Base and Signature Power Cable (Add $3495.)
  Diamond Transport Power Base and Diamond Power Cable (Add $5995.)
  EURO Heatsink option (Add $995)
  Custom Color (any color or combination) for either version (Add $699)

Pick Upsampling

This upgrade offers several advancements: It upsamples 44.1, 88.2 and 176.4 to 352.8 kHz at a resolution of 32 bits, and it upsamples 48, 96 and 192 to 384 kHz at a resolution of 32 bits. The output frequency can be selected to be either 192 kHz (and 176.4) or 384 kHz (and 352.8).

What is right for you? We would skip this option if you only plan to use an MSB DAC IV. If you have other plans, we strongly recommend it.

  Include 384 Upsampler (Add $995)
  Include PRO I2S Cable for Analog DAC (Add $95)
  Include PRO I2S Cable for DAC IV (Add $95)