MSB TECHNOLOGY - Reference CD Station III
User Instructions

Input Select: 
The knob in the upper right corner is the Input Select knob. The INPUT button on the front of the unit will also switch between inputs.  If the AUTO input is selected, the unit will automatically switch inputs based on a priority (from left to right - Analog = lowest priority, CD= highest priority).  When a source with a higher priority becomes active, the unit will automatically switch to the new higher priority input.  Toggling through the inputs manually will defeat any auto switching.

4x Upsampling:
The 4x Upsampling button will toggle between the sample rate of the source and an upsampled version of the source.  This is our own synchronous upsampler.  With the advanced clocking and digital filtering in this machine, we recommend upsampling be left off for most listening.

Phase Invert:
Toggling the Phase Invert button will change the absolute phase of the unit.  There are some recordings that "accidentally" swap the phase.  For those who are phase sensitive, we always include this option.

Filter Option:
This button will toggle between the most accurate filter  (standard operation, LED OFF) and a slightly modified filter.  We recommend each user to listen to both options, and decide the best filter for their preference.

CD Player Controls:
The standard Eject, Stop, Play/Pause, Track Forward and Back, Repeat and AB repeat are on the front of this machine.  The Track forward and Back buttons also double as scan forward and back, respectively.  Just press and hold the button for a moment and the unit will begin to scan.  Note: Because of the dual function of the track forward/back buttons, the unit will change tracks when the button is let go (not when pressed in), unless the scan feature was engaged.

The remote control allows you the following functions:
= : This button will Mute the Volume Control.  The volume display will flash.
Mode:  This button will select through the inputs.  It operates the same as the INPUT button on the front of the machine.
Volume up and down:  Changes the Volume if the volume control option is installed in the unit.
The lower 4 buttons: Control the CD drive.  Stop, Play, Track Forward/Back.  The track buttons on the remote DO NOT act as SCAN buttons.

Back of Unit:
The back of the unit is well labeled. You'll find the Single-Ended (RCA) and balanced Outputs, Digital Inputs, one set of Balanced Analog inputs, and a power connector.  There is also a switch there, marked Bal and S.  This is a new feature, which allows the unit to use all four DAC modules in a Single Ended system.  The Balanced setting (Bal) is the standard setting and will work in all systems.  The Single ended setting (S.) is for Single ended systems only.

Clock Feature (advanced users only):
On the back of the unit is a special 5 pin XLR type connector. It is a clock interface that allows multiple Platinum products to be synchronized, allows the Platinum Clock to be output and allows an external clock to be input to the Platinum. See Clock Interface.

Volume Control: (OPTIONAL)
This unit has an option to include Volume Control.  If the Volume Control option is installed, the round knob on the upper right of the front will control volume in 2db steps.  The 0 db location physically removes the volume control from the circuit.  This volume control is a very accurate, high performance stepped attenuator, of course in the Analog Domain.

If the Volume Control option is not installed, turning the round knob in the upper right of the front will switch through the inputs.