MSB TECHNOLOGY - Clock Interface User Instructions
User Instructions (Advanced Users Only)

On the back of the unit is a special 5 pin XLR type connector. It is a clock interface that allows multiple Platinum products to be synchronized, allows the Platinum Clock to be output and allows an external clock to be input to the Platinum.

The interface is a LVDS format clock interface with a signal level of 250 mV pp input or output requirement.

Pin Identification:
The pins shown in the figure above are identified as follows:

  1. Ground
  2. Clock Select (OPEN = Master Clock Output, LOW = Master Clock Input)
  3. M Clock + (Positive side of balanced Master Clock)
  4. M Clock - (Negative side of balanced Master Clock)
  5. DSP Ready for Networking (OPEN = OK to Run, LOW = Stop, not ready)

Clock Frequencies:
By toggling the Clock Select line clocks can either be input or output. The output frequencies are as follows:

The input frequency requirements are as follows: