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MSB Support

For technical support with your MSB Product please contact:


White Papers


How DACs Work! A simple but accurate explanation.

What about all these 32-bit DACs?

Ladder DACs - Vinces View?

How to wire your Listening Room.

How Preamp Clipping can be avoided with your MSB DAC.

Jitter Measurement White Paper, 2008

Old Manuals

Platinum DAC IV Manual

Signature DAC IV Manual

Diamond DAC IV Manual

Platinum Power Base Manual

Select DAC I Manual

Old DAC IV Manual

Wi Fi Interface

Universal Media Transport PLUS Manual

Signature Universal Media Transport Manual

Universal Media Transport Manual

DAC III Manual

CD III Manual

Signature DAC Module Setup Instructions

 Platinum DAC, Platinum Plus DAC, and Platinum Reference CD Player
 Platinum DAC II Preamp

 Platinum Reference CD Station II

 Platinum 16x Digital Filter Upgrade Installation Instructions

Current Manuals

Analog DAC Manual

Signature DAC V Manual

Diamond DAC V Manual

Select DAC II Manual

Renderer Manual (all DACs)

Signature Power Base Manual

Diamond Power Base Manual

Signature Transport Power Base Manual

Dual Signature Transport Power Base Manual

Diamond Transport Power Base Manual

ADC Manual

S201 Stereo Amplifier Manual

M203 Mono Amplifier Manual

Universal Media Transport V Manual

Signature Universal Media Transport V Manual


Signature DATA CD Manual

Isolation Base Manual


Technical Support


Upgrade Overview for ALL PRODUCTS

DAC IV Firmware Upgrades

Analog DAC Firmware Upgrades

UMT Firmware Upgrades

Data CD IV Firmware Upgrades

USB2 Firmware Upgrades

The Bit-Perfect Test

Perhaps one of the most useful features of the DAC IV is the bit-perfect test. A series of files can be downloaded here. Warning! These files contain 0 db content. Turn your volume down before playing. They are .wav test files that when played, will be identified by the DAC IV and checked, and will be reported on the display if they are bit perfect. The message will stay on for about 6 seconds. If there is a problem with the test, the file will play and a loud burst of static like sound will be heard but the display will not indicate any change.

Bit Perfect Standard File Downloads

Special File Downloads

Setting up your Sooloos Bit perfect for use with an MSB DAC.

Improving your Multi-media Installation

Installer Support Documents Technical Professionals Only

RS-232 Commands for DAC IV family

RS-232 Commands for DATA CD IV family

MSB remote control codes

Technical Support Documents
Out of Production Products Only
Technical Professionals Only

MotherBoard Upgrade for Platinum 16x Digital Filter Upgrade to older Platinum DACs

Volume attenuation upgrade for Platinum CD players and DACs

Converting 2nd Generation DAC modules to work in DAC III and CD III products or DAC II or older Platinum Products

Power supply trouble shooting for DAC III and CD III products

Power supply trouble shooting for Platinum, Platinum Plus, DAC II and CD II products

PLATINUM DAC MODULE configuration Chart

Export Support Documents
Importers Only

CE Declaration of Conformity

CE Declaration of Conformity, 2012

MSB Return Procedure

If a customer, dealer or distributor has an emergency problem with an MSB product and the local dealer cannot handle it or suspects a fault with the product, they should email "techsupport" at our normal msbtech email address. MSB will do their best to respond within 24 hours. Should it be clear that a product must be returned, "techsupport" should be informed and all the following relevant information should be supplied. This information should include:

  1. Product in question with serial number.
  2. Symptom in detail.
  3. Exact configuration when symptom is observed - input used, source material, system connections, amplifier and speaker used.
  4. Payment instructions (for example, warranty repair, email with quote, just fix it and here is my CC number).
  5. Return Shipping instructions - who does it go to and the address.

Within 24 hours MSB will issue an RMA number and create an invoice with all details outlined except the final price as the product has not yet been seen. This invoice will be emailed so all the above information can be checked and verified by the customer.

The product should be returned with the RMA number present on the box. Work can then begin immediately, and unless communication has been requested, the product could be turned around very quickly.

Any repair that is difficult and cannot be completed in two weeks will be identified and the customer will be informed when it is to be expected. Otherwise the majority of repairs should be shipped back within two weeks if all the required information is present on the invoice.

DAC Filter Downloads

DAC Filter Downloads - These downloads temporarily install a different filter into any Platinum DAC with the MSB digital filter or the Power DAC product. You cannot hurt your product as a power on/off resets to the original filter.

Alternate but similar to the standard filter
Xtra Filter Graph

Allows the maximum High frequency resolution in the pass band
Temporal Filter Graph

Filter designed with the lancos3 mathematical function, very high spectral leakage, very low temporal leakage
Lanczos Filter Graph

Filter designed with high frequency image leakage
HF Dither Filter Graph

Extended Frequency Filter - Digital Harshness reduced.

Playing this track cancels previous filter - back to default

Loading Filters - Right click the music file and save on your computer. Add to your iTunes Library. Make a playlist with the filters or firmware you are interested in. Put a music track between each filter as they are short. Burn the CD with iTunes. Every other burning program we have tested actually modifies the audio doing things like equalization.